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We are here to help! We are here to ensure that your project is a success with complete prototyping backing and visualization for the next investor. We are market leaders in the prototyping industry with a highly talented workforce. We will help you in creating the perfect prototype in less time and with a dedicated team.

Rapid prototyping

Create a 3D model of scale size using the rapid prototyping services that will help the next presentation. 

CNC machining

Test the function and fitting of the parts by making quick metal or plastic-based prototypes.

Vacuum casting

Get prototypes made of polyurethane using silicone mold for marketing research and other exhibition purposes.

Rapid tooling

Test the parts before mass production with real material prototypes. This method is appropriate to give a test production of  100-150 units.

Die casting

Produce fine-dimensioned and accurately-shaped metal parts and objects with various die casting process.

3D Printing

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Injection molding

Get a head start on the mass production of plastic-based parts and objects with injection molding.

Finishing Services

Get well-finished mass production with the finishing services that include chrome finishing, powder coating, painting, etc.

24×7 support

We are always here to help our clients with everything in detail. During office hours, one can contact us to get a detailed revision of the process and how our experts are reaching the result. We will also help in choosing the right process based on one’s budget and objective.

Design Tips

Read the tips and tricks of prototyping and succeed in creating an impressive model that will impress the consumers and investors.

Case Studies

We have stories and case studies of small and big businesses from automobile to consumer products to aeronautics industries, reaching their goals with accurate prototyping.

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